We are asset managers. But we are not "just" this.
We are healthy restlessness. We are genuine seekers of knowledge.
We have robust ideas. This is why we build tomorrow, every single day.

Imagine all
the future

do we do this?

We believe we can do this and do it well.
Because we go beyond the numbers: we are not transactions, we are relationships.
And because we believe in our ability to reform and in the contribution that we can make to both our clients and society as a whole, , thanks to our new approach and our focus on ongoing research.

Why do “we get up in the morning”?
Because we want to change the “status-quo”.

The lessons

We learn what enough is once we have learned what too much is, as the 18th Century poet William Blake opined. Did we learn from the market lessons of 2008? We learned that we need to change. To think in a different way. We also learned that GDP on its own is not enough to measure progress or evolution. We need to take into account other quality of life factors, such as health, security, respect, leisure, etc.
Is growth really worth it at any cost?
We believe in evolution through having a society that is better informed and more active.

A new way
of being

Today we want to live within our means. This is why we want to be a financial planning partner in the broadest possible sense. We want to simplify the approach taken by many products, make them easier to understand and help build the knowledge and the financial literacy of both our investors and our wider community. This is our way of innovating and transforming difficulties into opportunities. We believe...

Reinvention in

The upcoming generation is more aware. It wants to know, learn and rethink. We want to bring people back as the central focus of our business and revalue individuals as creators and contributors to wealth, just as the Renaissance reassessed humankind and then formed a bridge to the modern era. We believe that this is how we will participate in and inspire this community that is already in change.

Wealth is not
only for the

We believe that investing well, managing and saving are not the opposites of consumption but a prerequisite for consumption and for wealth. Of both the material and immaterial kind. Just like the philosopher Alain de Botton, we believe that those that know how to manage and save are qualified to invest, buy, spend, employ, create... It is a prerequisite for acts of entrepreneurship, generosity and courage.

We want to
be visionaries,

but consistent ones

We want to share this vision with our clients and with the community. We know that it is possible to to align our clients’ interests with our own and to be consistent in this over time. That it is possible to be independent and yet participate in wealth and well-being.
We believe...

We want
to be Da Vinci
and Mandela

Just like da Vinci and Mandela, we want to participate fully in the construction of our material and intellectual wealth. We want to dream of a balanced world. This is why we build tomorrow, every single day. To imagine the future with you. Or to imagine the future with us. You will come to believe in a better future with us.
In other words, to imagine all the futures.

Don't try to
find a point behind
find a purpose.

Find why!