About us.

How we do it.


As a company, LYNX specialises in strategies for the discretionary management of investment portfolios and for the management of investment funds (mutual, real estate and venture capital).

Our focus and our competences are centred on our understanding of these types of asset and the mechanics of their operation. We don’t operate under the same constraints as a retail bank (we don’t take deposits and we don’t extend loans).

Did you know that LYNX “only” manages investment funds?

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Client Focus

LYNX is a client-centric business. Everything we do is focused on the client. We develop long-term trust-based relationships with our clients. We never lose sight of the fact that the client is the reason we are here.

Did you know that LYNX offers solutions that are specifically tailor-made for our clients?

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Zero conflict of interest

LYNX independently and transparently seeks out the best possible investment opportunities for our clients. We set up clear mechanisms to prevent any conflict of interests (we have no portfolio of our own, we get no commissions from third parties and our clients’ assets are kept completely separate from our own).

Did you know that the performance of your investments is not dependent on LYNX’s solvency?

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Our investment solutions adapt flexibly to the market moment, your investment profile and the legal, regulatory and fiscal environment.

Did you know that we innovate at LYNX, as part of our contribution to building a better world?

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A passion for performance and for service

What motivates us is the opportunity to transform and innovate. We seek recognition for our products and our service. We infuse the whole process with reason, but also with emotion. We believe that the passion and integrity we put into our work is what makes us so different.


And last but not least...

Did you know that the LYNX Valor fund was considered the most consistent allocation fund over the 12 months leading up to 31 August 2015?

Astounded? We’re not. Because we know why we get up every morning. 
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