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As a financial intermediary, LYNX Asset Managers is registered at Banco de Portugal, the CMVM (Securities Commission) and with the Investor Compensation Scheme.

LYNX Asset Managers has been registered as financial intermediary no. 338 at Banco de Portugal since 10.08.2007 and at the CMVM, under no. 328, since 17.09.2008. It has also been registered member no. 129 of the Investor Compensation Scheme (ICS), since 17.09.2008.

Investor protection

LYNX Asset Managers is a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme(ICS)/Sistema de Indemnização de Investidores.

The ICS, a legal entity governed by public law, was set up by Law no. 222/99, of 22 June. It operates jointly with the CMVM.

ICS’ objective is to protect investors in the event of a member not having the financial wherewithal to reimburse or return the money or financial instruments with which it has been entrusted.

The following are protected:

  • financial instruments (shares, bonds and investment fund units deposited by clients or managed on their behalf);
  • money that is deposited for the express purpose of investing in financial instruments (including loans with guaranteed repayment that result from the investment operation);


ICS protects all investors, with the exception of institutional investors.

Maximum compensation is set at 25,000 euros per investor (and not per account), should an Financial Institution fail to return securities to its clients.

Note: FI are duty-bound to safeguard their clients’ assets, keeping proper accounting records and ensuring that operations are kept separate from the institution’s own assets.

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Cash Deposits

In compliance with the prevailing legislation, when clients open accounts with LYNX Asset Managers, their money is deposited in a jumbo account. These accounts are opened at credit institutions, in the name of LYNX Asset Managers and on behalf of its clients.

In selecting these credit institutions, LYNX Asset Managers takes particular care to check the institution’s legal standing with regards to this type of service provision as well as its reputation and solvency.

LYNX Asset Managers keeps a parallel set of records of its clients’ individual accounts. At all times, these assets are kept separate from those belonging to LYNX.

Conflicts of interest policy

In order to best protect its client’s interests, LYNX’s internal regulations include a specific policy statement on conflicts of interest. This comprises a set of rules and procedures that ensure that all LYNX employees act in a fully transparent and fair manner with regard to the company’s clients. It also stipulates that the interests of the clients take precedence over any of LYNX’s own interests or those of its employees.

Compliance Office

This office works to ensure compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations, whether internal or external. It discloses and disseminates these rules and regulations to all areas of the company and to all employees. It, thus, contributes to a culture of internal control, ensuring that everybody respects the company's ethical values. It also significantly reduces the company’s exposure to work-related risk.

In compliance with local legislation and regulations, and the recommendations of specific international bodies, LYNX Asset Managers implements a set of policies and procedures that are designed to prevent transactions for the purposes of money laundering or for the financing of terrorism. Any such situation would likely lead to added operating and reputational risk.

The company meticulously implements clear-cut procedures for getting to know its clients.  These procedures are divided into four main areas:

  • ACCEPTANCE of clients;
  • IDENTIFICATION of clients;
  • MONITORING of clients and operations;
  • RISK MANAGEMENT with regard to money laundering and the financing of terrorism

To this end, the company implements all and any procedures to required combat any type of criminal activity.  It invests in the recognition and prevention mechanisms that allow it to maintain the high ethical standards inherent to its professional best practice.

LYNX Asset Managers also oversees the special processes, by carrying out strengthened due diligences, in accordance with the Client Identification and Acceptance Policy. These diligences are particularly applied to the opening of accounts/contracts and the checking of the KYC (Know Your Customer).

In adhering to best practice in this regard, LYNX Asset Managers adopts policies that require a constant monitoring of its operations.  It also ensures the adoption and implementation of all internal and external compliance policies and communicates  the legally required information to the competent authorities in all relevant cases.

The company’s commitment to doing business transparently stimulates the development of best practices by all directly or indirectly employed staff. The company requires strict compliance with its code of ethics and internal regulations.

Informação Financeira da Sociedade

A LYNX Asset Managers, partilha com os seus stakeholders a informação financeira da sociedade cumprindo, adicionalmente, orientação das entidades de supervisão e da regulamentação em vigor. Nos links seguintes encontrará a informação disponível de base trimestral e anual, devidamente identificada.

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